Sunday, December 6, 2009

Acute Renal Failure More Condition_symptoms If Someone Has Acute Renal Failure What Factors Would Cause It To Progress To Chronic Renal Failure?

If someone has acute renal failure what factors would cause it to progress to chronic renal failure? - acute renal failure more condition_symptoms

My mother had an ulcer on his leg for some time. Those who were close to their holiday and 3 days later, he returned home disoriented, and infected with fever), acute renal failure (kidney. It was almost a month. (September 20) What is the cause of progress in chronic renal failure and undergo dialysis for the rest of your life?

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Renal failure can occur for various reasons. The investment option depends on the cause. Acute kidney failure can cause decreased blood flow to renal structural damage in the kidney or obstruction of urine flow through the kidneys. These conditions can through various causes, such as dehydration, congestive heart disease, infections and medications. Sometimes the treatment of the underlying problem or eliminate the pathogen is sufficient to improve the kidney function. Sometimes, however, be too severe kidney damage reversed, leading to chronic renal failure.

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