Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shock Bbs Please Tell Me What This Could Mean...got A Nose Bleed Too:(?

Please tell me what this could mean...got a nose bleed too:(? - shock bbs

Here is a day in my tests and I'm not sure how to read them. Also, I do not believe what I am CD. Please help me understand. We TTC for over a year with the No. 3 and its nature and frusterating.

27. May - light bleeding
28. May - not yet clear, but increased
May 29 until June 3 - AF shows its dark side
4. June - light brown / red spotting
5. June - BD, cramps, and I saw some
6. June - BD, lives a little more
8. June - not seen yet: (
9. June - BD
10. June - BD, convulsions
11. June - BD, convulsions
12. June - BBS comics and want to balls, almost like an electric shock inch barrel
13. June - woke up with a bleeding nose (never received), headache, drums cm at the point where you take on the panty liner in the last few days. Feels like I'm peeing in my pants!

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