Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Country Hutch Why Do Immigrants In Impoverished Countries Cross The Border Illegally?

Why do immigrants in impoverished countries cross the border illegally? - country hutch

Because the money! Let me say that I do not just talk to the Mexican border, but also choose the European borders.
Not only money, but we live in Disneyland, well, drink a lot of sex, of all that you do not, we will drive cars really fast and brilliant jumps occasionally from a burning building or dam police, who in the big machines that look like UFOs , and the love of Jesus. We are from these events and advertising for them proud, 24 hours a day throughout the world.
Invite to TV, radio, films and recordings of visitors from around the world to visit in the Magic Kingdom! Our ambassadors wave and smile and say: Come and get some! Starsky and Hutch, Mickey Mouse, Madonna, lifeguards in Baywatch beige.
Fortunately for the Mexicans who live just outside the fence of this fantastic world. And as everyone knows, is fantasy land just a short walk from Tomorrowland.
Day and night, hunger, have fun watching us to Disneyland.

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