Saturday, February 13, 2010

54 164 Lbs Do You Think I'm Fat ?!?!?

Do you think i'm fat ?!?!? - 54 164 lbs

I am a girl of 15 years. I weigh (now) -54 kg-117 kg, and I am 5.4 meters -164 cm - height.

3 days before I lost 1 kg, if you just ate (all day)
1 small bowl SÃ¥ledes
1.2 Leters water
2 carrots.

I went IN1 hours 8 miles (even though I felt alittle bit tired because I do not) eat a lot.
i taught that if I could in a month, the loss of many
(but what I want is up to 17 kilos) decrease --- Do you think this is possible?

To achieve Do you think Shaun, what I do or stop??
You think I'm fat? ?
and this weight is pirfict for me? ? (Honistly)


k@tlin said...

In fifteen years should focus on weight loss. However, you should focus on exercise and healthy diet. While you may think you eat healthy way to eat carrots, etc. They feed your body needs good food. Thus, at least 3 meals per day. And remember that you are allowed to snack between meals (this is when you can eat carrot sticks, celery, etc..) You should also not your body active. What swims three times a week, or jogging three times a week, or in a team sport. Team sports are a great way to make new friends.

Remember to eat that all carbohydrates. Depends on how much exercise to do. If you do not harldy after eating carbohydrates for exercise but can not exclude that together. Carbohydrates supply our energy. Please use our carburetor and turn left into fat.

Also, remember that there is nothing to eat, you do not always thin. If you do not eat and drink water, water is all that should be saved. The same is true if you eat only read 2 of chocolate per day. Your body is the desire for food and energy that comes from food, it, whatever he can save, is therefore more than one occasion not to anorexia, but also diabetes, etc.

So the best way to lose weight in the gym for a program and a healthy eating 3 meals a day to go.

sara g said...

Well, if u want to be super thin, I honestly do not think there is much wrong that, as Ure has a good job and move on.

Hannah said...

Please. Your weight is normal, you have more fear!

Jalila said...

Yur faaaar fat girl! goood move themselves and their healthy eating od but not in this cuz i dont think you need to lose weight

nighthaw... said...

Stop. Immediately. You're a little on your weight, what should be. In any case, you should try to gain a few pounds. The ideal weight for you is about 120-125 pounds.

Do not give up exercise because it is certainly a good thing, but immediately begin to eat more.

An♥nym♥u... said...

Well, if you want to be like 100 pounds eating only 1,000 calories per day .... idk if it is so thin, because the ideal weight would be 110-120 pounds 5'4

™KENDRA♥ said...

You sound like an ideal weight.

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