Monday, February 22, 2010

Husband Has Type 1 Diabetes What Are The Chances Of My Baby Developing Type 1 Diabetes If My Husband Has It?

What are the chances of my baby developing type 1 diabetes if my husband has it? - husband has type 1 diabetes

For the reaction of others: "Mama" is completely wrong.

For those who have the question asked in the rule, if you are a man with type 1 diabetes, the likelihood of diabetes your child 1 in 17 If you are a woman with type 1 diabetes and your child is born before they were 25, your child's risk of 1 in 25 if your child was born after he became 25, the risk of your child 1 of 100 is

The risk that your child will be doubled if you are diabetic, developed 11 years ago. If you and your partner have type 1 diabetes, the risk is, 1 / 10 and 1 in 4

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