Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Best Hair Spray For Teasing Whats The Best Hair Spray To Use For Teasing Your Hair?

Whats the best hair spray to use for teasing your hair? - best hair spray for teasing

What is the best spray for hair that is cost effective and works that no effort to bite my hair or not to use? I use a good hair spray while teasing my hair). Thanks


girlinch... said...

as a stylist, certainly Ellnette all use the time for jokes, and new hair stays in place

✿Ƹ♥ƷG0RG... said...

I would stay away from everything too cheap to invest in a large Hairspray:
Redken Touch Control 05 Texture Whip
Paul Mitchell serum
a lounge for

Sally Hershberger-$ 13 @ Walgreens

Trev said...

tease your hair is so bad for him, he runs the risk of breakage and tangles should not do.

Hairspray, but all should work, not just hair spray before using the trails or the error you are not alone!

Karly said...

If I want a boy scene used 2 b glued to annoy my hair.

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