Monday, February 1, 2010

How Long Can You Serve In The Military How Long Would The Average Force Recon Soldier Serve With The Military?

How long would the average Force Recon soldier serve with the military? - how long can you serve in the military

What is the minimum amount of time that someone in the Marines should be for use in the reconstruction of violence?


John said...

Soldiers did not.
Secondly, provided that you do not have to fly through boot / SOI, without delay, and channel recognition and or a vacation you are looking at about two years before you will have through training for those who are waiting for you. so if youre lucky you'll see a place in one of the companies of the troops. But even then there are always go to another school in order to better reconstruct marine

Will said...

He Marines. Also theres no such thing as a soldier of the Force Recon, only the Force Recon Marines. Marines Marines, soldiers of the army.
And the answer to your question, which varies considerably. Regardless of the application without a second.

Alex H said...

I beat him, we are Marines, not soldiers, is a title, no job description.

Back to COD 4 children.

Timothy said...

1% of the Force Recon Marines do.

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