Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome Notes Examples How Would You Rewrite History?

How would you rewrite history? - welcome notes examples

Alternate History Question

It is 22 November 1963 and Dallas, Texas, President John F. Kennedy escaped an assassination attempt when a spectator rushed the limousine and takes the bullets meant for him.

How is the history between then and now?

NOTE: The scenarios can be constructed to a different outcome in Vietnam, civil rights, future presidents, Watergate, etc., allows for more thorough answers.


Holiday Magic said...

If I have changed the story, someone with the name "Bush" who was once into politics at all levels.

What about China at JFK, Kennedy was no longer as the President and other politicians. There have been no Watergate ever was, and have probably made the civil rights movement without difficulty. Vietnam may or may not be a different result had) (in memory of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. I do not think Congress would be overrun by the Republicans today.

Alion said...

After the death of Kennedy in Dallas escapes a complete
second term. She has sent additional troops to Vietnam in order to strengthen military advisers sent first.
The civil rights movement was met by a receptive administration
Washington, but there is still resistance in some areas,
especially in the deep south.
Are increasingly criticized at the end of the second half and unpopular Kennedy Millhouse replaced Richard Nixon as president. Nixon will be disgraced
in the Watergate scandal, several years later. He was forced to resign.
In other words, no major change in history, responsible,
follows the same course as in the timeline of the origin.

p_valdiv... said...

With a pencil and a good eraser

chris said...

rewrite if u now, then there's the story, the last story-based U history.that are a lot of money if u can sell to a publisher.

composer... said...

In the late 30's to stop Britain and the United States has a relatively weak after Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. This has not happened in WW2 will be saved and about 40-50 million people.

Believe in BIODIVERSITY. said...

No change.

♪♫jessy♫... said...


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