Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Do I Enter Gamesharks On Silver I Have Vba.pokemon Emerald And Fire Red.i Just Wanna Get Deoxys And Stuff On Them.but No Gamesharks Work.?

I have vba.pokemon emerald and fire red.i just wanna get deoxys and stuff on them.but no gamesharks work.? - how do i enter gamesharks on silver

I have no idea what version of VBA. I have pokemon emerald and gold and red light. Fall into the work of fine gold. but I can not work in the other 2nd If I am the greatest weakness, try to enter GameShark GSA said in the correct format is xxxxxxyyyyyy or something like that. i just want to Deoxys and Lugia and things to get fire red or emerald green. Please help!

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