Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do Sharks Attack Women Because Of Their Period I'm Going To The Beach During My Period...sharks?

I'm going to the beach during my period...sharks? - do sharks attack women because of their period

I found during my time at the beach, I attacked the sharks?
If I wear a tampon (and is) a day of light output? I love the sea and does not go very often, if I really want to go swimming while I'm there. Should I worry about sharks while I'm there? Has anyone else gone swimming in the sea with a tampon?

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I'm going to Myrtle Beach, SC .... I heard of shark attacks there. I would be with a buffer, and it is only a very slight bleeding ... feels even a shark with a tampon? No doubt other women went swimming in the sea with a buffer.


♥ Clarissa ♥ {newpicture} said...

No illusions:]

Oz said...

Sharks can sense if you feel in the water long enough to have survived as the sharks. Only swim not just before dark, and not for long, and you do not have to worry about sharks.

Other, smaller carnivores, but perhaps a little nice. A kick in the trash.

Carlos M said...

Nothing to worry about. Millions of women go to the beach, during his time.

Melissa G said...

Yes, you swallow and spit his bones in all directions .. therefore be avoided at all costs of water

Anonymous said...

seriously, he will not eat.

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