Friday, January 15, 2010

Tent Stove Is There Anywhere You Can Rent Camping Equipment In NYC? Like A Rainproof Tent,a Stove,etc.?

Is there anywhere you can rent camping equipment in NYC? Like a rainproof tent,a stove,etc.? - tent stove

Depending on how many people will see who will be in your interest, could buy a tent and other equipment ... Tent is a fifty-nine people (which seems like a tent for 4 people, but they must be very small and the people have to) can not liked very friendly place for less than $ 20. Camping stove ... So I bought a portable gas grill, the propane cylinder to $ 20 at Walmart ... juggle a bit, it is entirely water, heat a pan to cook scrambled eggs, etc.

Things you need? A bit of rope for drying clothes and miscellaneous. is a few dollars. Sleeping bags can be kept for only $ 20 or even $ 200. If you're a camper to get a mattress to fly and not the regular beds. When you walk on the campsite, you'll want to spring for the best sleeping bags, because they are lighter and often do not need a separate platform.

I knew the camp with nothing but a tent, sleeping bag, a portable grill, a few utensils and a flash .... Oh, and a plant managerler. Perfect and comfortable, hey, we're "roughing" here.

I know that kayakers carry their art in their craft and survive with an elevated sleeping bag, some pictures, cords, needles, a backpacker's stove (some use "cat food" can stoves that plans can be found on the Internet), some games , a water tank, heating, cooking, and some dried food .... In addition to the emergency team, of course (wilderness first aid, etc..)


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Many areas of Eastern Mountain Sports Equipment Rental, but the only way to know for sure is to be mentioned. You can download EMS New York City Store Contact here:
591 Broadway
(between Prince and Houston)
New York, NY
591 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Opening times:
Monday - Friday
11.7 ...

jeep32mu... said...

Equipment rental is a nightmare. Normally gear rentals are not careful, what you are leaks or things do not work.

Lisa said...

Do you have an REI nearby? They rent tents, sleeping bags, stoves, etc.

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