Friday, January 22, 2010

How To Install Maya 7 License I'm Trying To Install Maya 7 On My Mac And The Ethernet Number They Found On My Computer Is Wron?

I'm trying to install maya 7 on my mac and the ethernet number they found on my computer is wron? - how to install maya 7 license

In trying to install Maya 7 on my Mac and the number of Ethernet "MAC address" on my computer, which is almost right, white, with the exception of sections 2 can someone like me or if I can fix it. Please I am desperate.

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Kassi22 said...

You can not fix it. If the Ethernet address is different, while licesne, the license must be "transferred" to the Ethernet address. The license is encrypted Ethernet physical address of the computer.

Contact the office on Autodesk licenses for the license transfer to the new address.

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