Saturday, January 30, 2010

Iker Does Anyone Know How To Get A Replica Pair Of Iker Casillas' Goalkeeper Gloves?

Does anyone know how to get a replica pair of Iker Casillas' goalkeeper gloves? - iker

I tried, straw, etc., and nobody seems to have. They are a version of the gloves of goalkeeper Reebok Elite Draft.

Thanks in advance ...


DEEZY said...

I did not know he had gloves replica ... Goalkeeper change their gloves all the time so I think it would be difficult or impossible to find replica gloves .. Just go buy some adidas Fingersave

alber_to... said...

To resolve the problem UR World Cup or Euro should have sports store is a lot of art. Arent you even if you do not see a few others you love.

PS Nice answer to my question. Tho not good enough.

Nehyr said...

As someone said, the business of the world of football have many options. If not, then you know the website of Real Madrid? They probably have a place in the store, you should check.

Sponge said...

Yeh, very simple, in fact, dip your hands in the toilet and voila. Sort: o)

Magic Muffin said...

Well, I'll try to say
They have a large selection in all products, and I guess maybe gloves Casillas ..
You never know.

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