Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Robertshaw Thermostat Manual Furnace Will Not Stay Lit, Or Operate Right.?

Furnace will not stay lit, or operate right.? - robertshaw thermostat manual

I live in a motorhome and a gas stove M1G. ROBERTSHAW has a valve, but not before, so I must run with matches. The lights were easy, but I did emerge with the thermostat before it disappears. Everything that comes out when I use the fan drive. When the thermostat higher, then slid fan instead of auto, fire stove. But in about 15 seconds and the pilot light to go completely. I tried several times but I always get the same results. The pilot will always stay lit, but when on the stove, everything comes out. I have everything on the lowest setting, the pilot light, which turned the fan instead of the car to turn against the 240V power button, then on the thermostat to 85-90 degrees. All 15 seconds after the fan turns off and remains in operation. Has anyone any idea what could be the problem? I appreciate any help, thank you


D2 said...

The furnace limit switch is on or adjacent to the burners when the furnace is the thermostat which is regulated by the last race you ever wondered why the first burner, and seconds later came to be situated, because the contacts of the limit to a preset temp. which can be heated temp.well last more or less in one, after some time the contacts are worn and should not participate as the final outcome of what is happening now, which is connected to gas, and also calls for the fan, you do not ,,,,,, bad train, but said not all forget what I said look inside the furnace, where the gas lines and all this is that when we BLK, plastic rectangular box with a button that progress with an arrow one direction, that is, if you can raise or lower temperature. Creation try to reset it anyway and see if it helps, you might end up calling a professional to go and do

jag said...

It seems that something is probably blocking the gas. I had this happen once and the owner came and fixed. I'm not sure what is considered small, but the little holes where the gas was covered leaves. You will receive a service-men need to check out. Gas is a scary thing, and it would be better for someone to have an expert look at them. You want to ensure that no gas leaks!

gizmoe said...

Maybe you have a cracked heat exchanger.
The fan should not move to the operation of the burner.
If the pilot is, well lit, the thermocouple.
Another cause could be rusted through a vent pipe.
These ovens have a double wall venting, combustion gases to the top of the center of the pipe and fresh air for the burners to the outside.
If the cap is oxidized by air or exhaust gases to the burner and the burner of oxygen by robbed.
A heat exchanger is cracked problem.You an important need for a technician to be sure.

sentryac... said...

Ok seriously, you might call a technician. There is a list of the many problems that could be the. You may have to open a safety switch. ROBERTSHAW valve could be bad. Or the flame sensor may be bad. Your burner ports may be dirty.

Well, here are two controls are easy to treat. One of ensuring that no barrier to a change of air filter.

The second is, as it sounds like your flame sensor is a problem and close the gas valve down. Precisely where the pilot that there is a kind of white bass needs to be heard, make sure it is clean of dirt sometimes to its own devices does not cause the pilot thinks he is a pilot flame, so that closes the gas valve to prevent gas from entering his house.

If none of these works are necessary technology. because it is a safety issue.

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