Friday, January 29, 2010

Long Extension Telephone Cable Telephone Cable Extension ?

Telephone Cable Extension ? - long extension telephone cable


I am looking for a telephone extension cable 3 meters long, as he has a male connector at each end. The compounds were BT male plug that fits into a socket connection to the wall of the BT. I can not find a cable can help you. I would like also to know the difference between a cable of BT, has four son and an internal cable has six internal cables. Yes, I know that the answer is "both," but why?

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Geoff the skier said...


You can easily make your own cables - you can see the connectors from B & Q to get to squeeze, and a length of 3 m cable.

I really have only 2 internal cables sitautions most inmates. The cables are complex applications.

old know all said... ...

Two cables are used to connect a phone to the outside world connection. Two are used to the bells, if you have more than a phone, even though most modern phones do not need to classify. The 2-Booster cables in the system of the six son for some older phone systems used to solve internal complaint and request for dismissal.

bear said...

Go to a sold business phones and accessories. If you are not what you want, you can do it for you or tell you where you can. There will also be able to answer your question about the number of cables.

xenon said...

Extension cords are in Maplin sells B & Q, the counters are long usually 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 and have corresponding factory installed. Male, a female end of another

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