Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Soup Diet How Fast Did You Regain The Weight After Cabbage Soup Diet?

How fast did you regain the weight after cabbage soup diet? - soup diet

Hours so that upon completion cabbage soup, how long it takes to keep the weight again? How many days, weeks?

Cause in only now, but the planning of IM in a system equilibrium after a 1200 calorie diet, so I ask myself.


gabinine... said...

I am convinced that the regime of cabbage soup can at least help break bad eating habits and to more targeted nutrition of plants after seven days. Many great personalities of the effect of weight loss so motivated, they cling to a healthier life, even after the regime of the week soup. However, it is important that before the long-term weight loss program, you know, after these 7 days, otherwise the increase in the book faster, then lost. But with a conscious decision to maintain their weight loss, exercise and healthy eating, and then even more pounds to lose in the lon long time - like me! Let yourself be inspired.

G A said...

I'm seeing a bit of courage that you have decided to try the diet of cabbage soup, the mood of the most difficult. I usually people try this diet in order to regain the weight again. Since many of these communities can supply your body to block temporarily, is to lose weight.

I recommend that prevents ...

Nikki said...

If you have not come back, but I went from 205 pounds to 160 pounds with proper nutrition and fitness. I use it to help me in my tray. And they have never won again. 5 But nevertheless, I am physically active most days of the week and eats very well.

I think if you are aware that there is no quick fix to weight loss is not so bad * *.

First, it reduces your carb and sugar cravings. As overweight, you are probably the biggest problem.

And what can I add lean protein per day. It can cause a loss after 7 days, but I have dizziness, fatigue, mood swings, nothing like that.

I think it is also important to keep in a little light to moderate exercise further (not too much, because the calories!)

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